Sunday, October 5, 2008

New couches!

Apparently I never posted this, even though I thought about doing it a number of times.

Since moving into our house, we've had a variety of living room furniture.

Pillows on the floor.

A free loveseat thanks to a coworker.

A sectional couch on loan. (We were storing furniture for a friend.)
The friend finally got a house where they could use their furniture, so we were furniture-less again. We decided that if we were going to buy a couch, we might as well buy new furniture for the first time in our lives. All other furniture we have is used, free hand-me-down, or made by a relative. We now have a luscious micro-fiber living room set! (And I hope not to shop for furniture again for many years.)

We didn't unwrap it all right away, because it arrived that weekend when I was sick, and we needed to scotch-guard it. We rearranged the living room a bit and I'm still contemplating swapping the bookcase and the lamp table (which stores the games). The TV is now in front of the window, using the cedar chest as a stand. No more afternoon sun glare!

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The Miller Family said...

I LOVE your furniture! We just bought new furniture, today actually! Ours is microfiber that with kids!

Truthfully, I like the ways yours looks better! My husband wanted something big and coushy (especially with coushy arms) and I wanted exactly the opposite, so we found something kinda in the middle, that neither of us love, but both of us like...I guess that's kinda typical of lots of things in marriage, huh? :o)

Yours are adorable though! I love the classic lines of the sofa! And the arrangement of the room looks nice too!