Monday, October 6, 2008

80s Day

It's customer service week. We're doing fun stuff at work. It's 80s Day today. We had breakfast food (think of the movie The Breakfast Club - it was the only way I knew to tie in a food theme with the daily theme). I did my hair for the occasion.

The prep work

The final look


Anonymous said...

This was the 80's look?
I can't remember back that far, I guess.
What a LOT OF WORK, all that braiding. WHEW!!!
Turned out cute, as usual.
Was it worth it?

Tennille said...

Super Cute!

Danna said...

I still have a crimper! :)

Evie said...

This is funny, because I just posted a bad hair day for Natalie. I crimped her hair today and she was so upset! You look CUTE actually though!!!:)