Sunday, September 14, 2008

A day in my life - September

It's going to be a pretty blah day because it's Sunday and a fairly lazy one at that. But here goes.

Just FYI, this is a blogging tradition (trend? I don't know what to call it) that started, to give a good description of your daily routine on the 14th of each month.

I woke up at 5am and contemplated getting up, but then realized I didn't go to bed until almost 1am... yesterday was a really busy day. I convinced my body to sleep in until about 7:30, and finally got up because I'd been waking up about every 10 minutes and checking the time. I realized the trees across the street are getting their fall colors.

I opened the sliding glass door to let in the beautiful cool morning air. It's a bit nippy but it will keep the house cooler longer if I do it.

I wandered the Internet for a bit - in addition to my previously mentioned daily-visited sites, on Sundays, I also look at the weekly ad on and the obituaries on - the newspaper for the area where I was raised.

I made brunch around 9:00. We currently have church from 11am-2pm, so I have to eat a substantial meal to last until we get home. I decided to make a sandwich with toasted homemade bread, pepper jack cheese, and scrambled eggs.

I turned on the electric burner while I pulled everything out of the fridge, so the pan could preheat. I realized it wasn't getting warm, so I turned it off, pulled out the burner, and shoved it back in place. It does this occasionally. When I turned it back on, I actually saw a little spark, then it started heating. I put the scrambled eggs in the pan, then came back a couple minutes later to flip them. Hmm.... they were barely even cooked. The burner was working, but just barely, even though I had it on medium. I ended up switching to a different burner. I guess I'll play with it later.

I read a cookbook while I ate breakfast and stared into the backyard. I think the only safe time to read cookbooks is while you are eating yummy food.

After eating, I tested the seals on the jars of chicken I canned yesterday, to double-check that they all sealed. I've been canning all the pears from my tree and it can be very tiring. This quote on my fridge helps keep me going.

After showering, I got dressed for church. Nathan finally woke up while I was in the shower. I haven't worn my butterfly skirt in awhile. As I walked into church, I remembered why... it keeps riding up my legs as I walk.

I had full intentions of taking pictures in church during Primary (children's sunday school), but every time there was something worth taking a picture of, I was involved in supervising children. I've been getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of respect and reverence. Kids will be kids, yes, but it seems like.... oh I don't know, I'll climb off my soapbox before I get started. Fortunately I didn't have a lot of responsibilities today, because I'm still fighting a cold and I coughed a lot. Nathan went home shortly after church started (I shared my cold and he was miserable), leaving me to walk home. It's only about a 5 minute walk, but my bag of Primary stuff is pretty heavy and my arm was losing circulation by the time I reached our house.

When I got home, I had a highly nutritious lunch (haha) of chips and salsa, followed by cookies n' cream ice cream. I grabbed a few books from my bookshelf to re-read during my lazy afternoon.

The next few hours were occupied by watching the cats do mildly amusing things and sleep in cute positions, reading, and resting on the couch.

Finally I made dinner. Nathan really wanted mac n' cheese from a box, so that's what I made, even though I really didn't want it. I think he's just excited we have it in the house again (there was a big sale and he strongly requested that I stock up on his favorite convenience foods - ramen, spaghettio's, and mac n' cheese). I added salsa to mine.

After dinner, I called my friend Susan to see if she wanted some pears. I took pears to her house and she gave me grapes! There are both purple and green grapes on the same bunch, kinda weird.

On my drive back from her house, I sang a song that's been in my head all weekend. It's a cute song, but gets on your nerves after about 3 times in a row.

"I went to the animal fair. The birds and the beasts were there. The big baboon, by the light of the moon, was combing his auburn hair. The monkey had no fear - he climbed on the elephant's ear. The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees, and that was the end of the monk, the monk, the monk, the monk."

The sun is going down much earlier than I'd prefer, but the nights are cooling down, so when I got home, I opened the sliding door again for some air. Echo instantly came over to enjoy the breeze.

It's now 9pm and I'm going to bed. My body aches from my labors yesterday and I need the rest to recover from my cold.


Evie said...

OH MY Gosh, that song was Haydens FAVORITE when he was little! I had to sing it over and over and over. Max and Natalie like it to!!:)

Jaime said...

I like this day better, you deserve to have afternoons like this more often! Love you, my Supergirl!

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the pears. I attempted pear butter and pear sauce (applesauce). I don't think I'll try the pear butter again, but the pears were delicous. If you still have more you can't use, I'd be willing to help you with that!

After you brought the pears over, I remembered all the fruit trees my grandpa's house had. We went over there to pick some of his fruit, but since he was sick before he passed away, not much watering happened in his yard. We managed to find a handful of pears, but lots of apples. So thanks to you and your reminder of fruit trees, we now have some homemade applesauce too. Yum.

Danna said...

Riley likes his (non dairy) mac and cheese with peas in it, he has converted all of us! :)

Quinne said...

Hi :) I enjoyed reading about your day! Hope that you have a lovely week, Q

(a friend from Jenny's group)

Anonymous said...

I bet there will NEVER be another 14th quite like this one. What a neat new tradition you have started for your family.

Michelle said...

I love to see your monthly blog of "a day in my life." Mine are just thrown together without much thought sometimes. Probably why my readers have dwindled down.