Saturday, August 16, 2008

A day in my life - August

I had circled the 14th on my calendar so I'd remember it was coming, and from August 1st-10th, I stared at it and tried to remember why I circled it! Fortunately I remembered in time and reminded Michelle too. Now that I finally got the pictures to upload, here we go!

5:00 am. Alarm went off, I took my temperature (I'm charting my cycle in order to get pregnant faster), then hopped out of bed and went downstairs to feed my internet addiction. Every morning, I briefly check Hotmail, KSL, Myspace, Accuweather, Deseret News, and Salt Lake Tribune's websites. Then I came back upstairs and packed lunch for both of us, and breakfast for me and my coworker Marc (who doesn't eat breakfast if I don't bring it, which drives me nuts). I have these great divided plastic containers that I got at the dollar store - they are perfect for making frozen dinners. I filled them with chicken (I cooked a whole chicken earlier in the week), dry potato pearls (just add water at work before reheating), and canned corn.

5:30ish. Hopped in the shower. Trying to get out the door a little earlier today, so I don't have to run to the bus stop. Woke up Nathan, grabbed my stuff, and managed to walk to the bus stop, yay!

It's still dark outside.
I know I look a little out of it, but it's 5:53 am and I hadn't combed my hair yet after washing it. I did finger comb it before the bus came and brushed it when I got to work. Took the bus to Trax. On Trax, I played my handheld Yahtzee, because I had stuffed so much in my backpack that I couldn't get to the Sunday School manual I'm currently studying during my morning Trax rides. Got off Trax at a few minutes before 7:00 am and headed across the street and through the Church Plaza on my way to work.

This is my favorite statue.

The sun is just coming up over the mountains.

I spend a lot of time in the elevator, it seems. I work on the 13th floor, so I usually have to stop at a number of floors on the way. This is just one of the many elevators. There are also elevators that just service 1L, M, and 14-26; 3L-M; the west wing; and a freight elevator that services 3L-28.
This is what I see when I get off the elevator.
And walk into our area of the floor.
And into my cubicle.

Phones don't turn on until 7:30, but I'm always 20-25 minutes early due to the current bus schedule. Time to make breakfast! Right now I'm experimenting with new oatmeal flavors, so I have all these yummy things stashed in my cupboard at work, and just bring two bowls of old fashioned oats and two spoons in the morning. Just add water (estimating how much) and pop in the microwave!
Work went about as always. No point getting into the details there. Oh, except for one call. It started out as usual.

Me: Local Unit Support, this is Cherish. May I have your unit number, please?
Him: xxxxxx
Me: Thanks, may I have your name, please?
Him: Ralph xxxxxx
Me: Thanks, how may I help you?
Him: (very irritated, raised voice) My name's not Al, it's Ralph!

Obviously there was no point trying to explain what I'd really said, so we just continued the call and he continued to be mad at me. Sheesh.

Took the bus home, walked in the front door around 5:45 pm. Drank lots of water and collapsed on the little couch downstairs while comparing days with Nathan. Got a phone call from a friend from church, who said she was drowning in apricots from her tree and asked if I'd like some. Are you kidding, of course! Nathan and I decided to finally go turn in a bowl of change (mostly pennies) to a Coinstar kiosk and splurge on dinner from the grocery store deli.

We had almost $13 in change, after we pulled out a few buttons and the machine spit out some foreign coins. On the way home, we stopped and picked up the apricots.

We finished watching a movie while eating and I packed it up to mail back.

Washed dishes. Picked the rest of the meat from the chicken. Put the carcass, neck, giblets, carrots, bay leaves, and onion in a big pot to cook into broth. Cleaned the wishbone and put it on the kitchen windowsill to dry. Washed and prepped the apricots for the freezer. I froze about half of them and we'll eat the rest, the ones that didn't need to be taken care of right away.

Played the piano for about 20 minutes. I've gotten sadly out of practice and it's starting to bother me. Picked out a new song to learn, a hymn arrangement, and worked on it until I decided it was past bed time. Went to bed at 10:17 pm and was asleep probably 2 minutes later.


Jaime said...

Holy Cow, Wonder Woman! You're amazing!

Amy said...

I agree - Wonder Woman, you keep really busy. It is very interesting hearing what you do in a day. I should try keeping track of everything I do, maybe I would surprise myself with how much I get done.

Danna said...

I think you should come visit and give me lessons, I was obviously poorly prepared! :)

Ryan and Tammy said...

Ya I feel like that busy sometimes.... but mine would consist of nurse... get spit on...change poopy...try to squeeze in chores and exercise...repeat ha ha. You're a busy girl!

Michelle said...

I love hearing about your day. You always have the most interesting things to report. You are wonder woman. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the reminder text.


Evie said...

I can't believe you get up that early! WOW, I admire all that you do! I loved reading a day in your life, what a cute idea!

diepinkespinne said...

wow, you are amazing! I loved the pictures and it made me miss the elevators and all the crazy people, songs, and ideas we used to have.

Meier Fam said...

Wow, that was SO interesting! Your day was so busy. The part that was the most amazing is how much you get done between 5 and 5:30 am!!!! I don't move that fast in the morning that early! There must be extra stars in heaven for you for making breakfast for your co worker. You are so sweet!