Saturday, June 7, 2008


We've had a lot of rain this week, which made the soil perfect for pulling the weeds which have overgrown my garden. I always get the same weeds and I thought I'd try to identify the ones I didn't know. I finally found them, along with the ones that only pop up occasionally, and I'm way too excited over it!

I apparently have prickly lettuce (very easy to pull but I have tons of them), bull thistle (my gigundo plant from last year), common mallow (a pain to pull), and common mallein. I already knew I have dandelions and grass that spreads from the neighbor's lawn (sigh). Of course I also have the ever-prevalent trees, which we finally pulled or dug up on Thursday night, thanks to the soil that was saturated quite deeply! I was too tired to take pictures of the trees after pulling them. It was a lot of work and Nathan had to help with the three largest ones. I think they are elm trees but I'm not really sure. They line our fence on one side and provide excellent backyard privacy in the summer.

(My gigundo plant from last year)

The rest of these are generic photos from the Internet - this first one is the prickly lettuce. It only grows in one section of my garden.
This one spreads all over and is sometimes in my lawn (common mallow).
Common mullein - I only have a few of these.

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