Saturday, June 7, 2008

Current projects

I've been busy with several much-needed projects. Last week I reorganized the DVD and CD shelves because we'd gotten more of both and movies were stacked on the floor next to the shelf. This week I reorganized my bookshelf - I had books piled on top and I couldn't get to the kids' books very easily when the neighbor kids came over. It looks a lot better now!

Today I tackled the computer room. It's pretty much Nathan's domain, so I try not to touch it, but it's been getting increasingly cluttered and driving me nuts. I refused to take any "before" pictures but you can see a little bit of the mess in the picture above. I spent over 2 hours, threw out a garbage bag of trash, and vacuumed up enough dust and fur to create another cat! (It's been too hard to vacuum with stuff piled everywhere.)

Just one little box of random things on the couch for Nathan to decide if he's keeping. The rest was returned to where it belonged, or organized with similar stuff.

A side note - my sage is flowering. I had no clue that sage got flowers!


mom of 2 wonderful brats said...

I wish I had the energy to do that...I have so much I want to get "Arranged", but if I have the time I don't will and if I have the will I don't have the time...

Jaime said...

My favorite thing to get rid of stuff!