Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our week

Summer has finally arrived, not yet on the calendar but on the thermometer. The strawberries are ripe (and yummy!), the nights don't cool down much, and the cats lie around under the fan. I thought this picture captured them mid-action pretty well (see Echo's wide yawn).

Nathan's jeans are all dying, so I had to bite the bullet and buy 4 new pairs. He only likes one style (plus his size is only available on the website, not in store). When they arrived, we were a little annoyed that 1) they have changed the style and the legs are not as wide - the main reason he likes them and 2) the box was partially ripped open already. The cats were excited though and jumped in the box the minute I pulled out the jeans.

Nathan won a cookbook at work.

We got an Easter basket! Now, I know it's been awhile since Easter, but I haven't seen my biological father and his wife since then, so it's been sitting at their house. I was pretty excited to get it! Look at all those fun goodies.

I didn't want the Care Bear to be a cat toy but the cats seem to think it's theirs. I've only watched them bat it off the piano once, but it seems to move great distances in the middle of the night. This morning Nathan found it sitting nicely next to his jeans, which were crumpled in the middle of the living room floor. I'm not sure how they managed to get it sitting up after chasing it over there.

Other brief news flashes:
- My sister Jaime has a scheduled c-section date! Another niece coming up soon!
- I have mosquito bites on my ankle and my elbow. The one on my elbow is right where I rest my arm on my desk. They are driving me nuts.
- My friend Danna emailed to say she is coming to Utah for a couple weeks! Unfortunately she will be staying 150 miles away, so it's going to require a mini road trip to see her.


Danna said...

OOOO, I'm a news flash!! :)

~Michelle~ said...

Hey, I am glad you got the goodies! It is always nice to get something when you least expect it or when you are craving something sweet. I know how Nathan feels about the jeans.. Being a big person myself, it is hard to find the right ones. The pics of the cats are great.