Saturday, June 21, 2008

A busy Saturday

I had a baby shower today so I drove Nathan to work so I could have the car, and got a head start on laundry last night. As soon as I got back from dropping him off, I headed to the garden (6:45 am) to pull weeds and pick strawberries. I believe that strawberries have no business making it inside with a patch as small as mine. Pick it, blow it off, pop it in the mouth. If Nathan wants some, I tell him to come outside and I'll pick him a handful, but I'm not taking them inside. Today, though, I knew I would have a lot because I haven't picked in a few days and it's the peak of the season, so I took a bowl. I believe this is a 4-cup bowl and it was almost full.

Nathan is going to a party tonight and I decided not to go, but I made dessert for him to take. I tried a recipe from my new cookbook, a rhubarb cobbler. I most certainly did not waste my precious strawberries in it, though!

Typically on Saturdays I have what I call a "love fest" with each of our cats. It started months ago when the cats were so confused that I was home all day and not at work, so they followed me around meowing incessantly. Finally I learned that if I spent 5 minutes doing nothing but petting them or carrying them around with me, they were happy the rest of the day. Now it's our little routine. About halfway through the morning, I take a break from cleaning or gardening or laundry and sit on the floor, pat my lap, a cat hops in, and I pet him for about 5 minutes. Later, I do the same with the other cat. Since the weather is getting warm, I focus on getting as much fur off the cat as possible. Here's the hairball I gleaned from Echo today.

I had so much fun at the baby shower! It was for my friend Julie, who lives in California but is from Utah. Her family threw her a shower and invited all her friends from CA who now live in UT. She got married around the same time as I did, has been trying for kids since that time, and finally is going to have a baby in September. She is planning to have a homebirth and use cloth diapers (we think a lot alike), so her gift list included all different kinds of cloth diaper covers. This is the one I bought her. It's a wool cover. Wool covers are supposed to be really great and I plan to use them when I have kids.

I've been planning to stock up on various grains and beans at a bulk-food store near us, but it's hard when I don't have the car during daytime hours. I am really low on certain items and was very grateful to seize the opportunity today. The only bummer was lugging 50 lb. sacks from our car to our house in 90+ degree weather. My project tonight will be putting everything in buckets. I already have a bunch of buckets and I'll buy more as needed.

What I got:
200 lbs. hard white wheat (for making bread) - this is the first time I've bought hard wheat, before this I relied on other people sharing their food storage with me
50 lbs. soft white wheat (for making baked goods)
50 lbs. yellow popcorn (we have an air popper plus I can grind it for cornbread)
50 lbs. brown rice (we go through a lot of rice)
50 lbs. unbleached white flour (I don't use this often, but it stores for a long time)
25 lbs. baby lima beans
25 lbs. pink beans
25 lbs. regular rolled oats (I frequently make oatmeal for breakfast)
5 lbs. honey


~Michelle~ said...

Your lists make me look so lazy. LOL!

Although, I do a lot too. I am just more and more amazed about how much energy you have my dear friend.

About the cat thing. I think you have answered my question w/o knowing it! My cat, well, Kitty really, has been meowing and whinning incessantly for the past two days. I have haven't slept all but 4hrs both of the past two nights. So, I will try that and see if that works.

I will let ya know what happens:0)


mom of 2 wonderful brats said...

Wow you are a busy busy lady...I never thought of buying popcorn in bulk, I am going to have to look into that as we too have an air popper and we each have a small bowl at night during family time

Jaime said...

Holy cow. Again.

Danna said...

We just recently had our big stake wide order from Walton Feed up in Idaho, and the ladies from our ward and another ward were lauging and wondering why we needed 50# of popcorn! They already think I am plenty weird, and this confirmed it for them! We LOVE popcorn around here, plus I alway say the cornmeal thing, but have yet to test it out in our grinder! :)

The Millers said...

I'm so jealous of all your enrergy! My I were you, the story would've read: "...As soon as I got back from dropping him off, I went back to bed and slept until late afternoon." Lol. Thanks for the idea of storing up on the popcorn...we're gonna look into that...we love popcorn!