Sunday, May 11, 2008

The never-ending tea party

Yesterday was such a crazy day! I didn't get everything done but here's what I did complete.

- 4 loads of laundry
- general Saturday house cleaning
- baking bread (it turned out soooo well - I think the new yeast made all the difference)
- baking chocolate-chip-toffee brownies for Carolin (she only likes mine!)
- making homemade refried beans
- playing the piano for a baptism
- walking around the neighborhood delivering invitations to a Primary activity we're having next week, and going to feed and pet dogs for friends that are out of town
- waltzing around the living room with Picasso to Sarah McLachlan - "Ice Cream" (I was waiting for the oven timer to go off in 3 minutes and thought I should enjoy those 3 minutes)

And then we went to my coworker Marc's house, and Carolin, Mike, and Annabelle joined us. We had tacos, yum! The guys played Wii for the rest of the night. Annabelle had fun playing with Marc and Stacy's kids, L. and E., who are a few months older than her. L and E did not have so much fun though, because Annabelle turned out to be a toy snatcher. :P

So for me, the rest of my night pretty much consisted of:

- A never-ending tea party (I drank so much pretend liquid that I finally told L my tummy was full)
- Telling Annabelle to give back toys
- Listening to L and E cry because their toys were stolen (I felt for them!)
- Chasing Annabelle upstairs because she decided to abandon all of us
- Building towers and telling Annabelle to knock them over
- Talking with Carolin and Stacy, which was just a bit awkward. I know Carolin so well but I don't know Stacy well yet, so I felt like I was leaving Stacy out of the conversation if Carolin and I really started gabbing. I hate feeling awkward in group conversations and it seems to happen to me all the time.
- Talking way too briefly to Marc's mom when she showed up (she birthed her kids at home and is into natural healing)
- Waaaay too long of a drive home, and then having to wind down once we got home

Goodbye Carolin! Come back soon!


diepinkespinne said...

Ooh, I think we will be back soon. Just let me know when John's position is open. I honestly don't think the picture you posted is cute. Thank you for the wonderful tea party, the gifts for my children, and the yummy yummy brownies. We loved them.
I really hope to be back soon. Mike and I have been taking turns crying tonight because we don't want to leave. Annabelle is in bed and Mike left with his mom for wal mart. It is midnight and I am just up and alone in the living room.
This is more than a comment I guess. I love and miss you. Pray for us,


Cherish said...

Carolin - I don't think it's that cute either, but it was the best out of all Nathan took. I'm always praying for you... miss you!

~Michelle~ said...

Cherish, you never cease to amaze me with all you get done!

I wish I could be more like that!

You go girl!

Hope all is well. Miss and love you,