Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ice cream!

I always try to spread the word far and wide when it comes to free/cheap food, especially free ice cream! This year Ben & Jerry's did their free scoop night on 4/29 and Baskin-Robbins had 31 cent scoop night on 4/30. B&J just isn't conveniently located for me but Nathan and I stopped by BR after he picked me up from Trax last night. It was 9:00 at night and snowing/hailing, but we wanted our yummy ice cream! Fortunately the line was short enough that we didn't have to wait outside (although we were jammed in the store like sardines) and the store was smart enough to print out flavor lists this year, so people could decide before they reached the counter.

I got peanut butter-chocolate and strawberry. (I ate them before they melted together though.)

Nathan got 2 cups - one with cherries jubilee and strawberry, and the other with mississippi mud, chocolate mousse royale, and ....oh something else chocolate, I can't remember.

If I failed to email you about the fun this last week, you can always add yourself directly to the company's mailing list so you get your own email reminder next year! You'll get free/discounted ice cream coupons on your birthday too, as an extra perk.

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Jaime said...

That peanut-butter chocolate one is my favorite!!!