Saturday, May 10, 2008


I just added a couple new blogs to my sidebar and I started thinking about how I've met these people, and so many others. It's really amazing the different ways that people touch our lives, and how some develop into relationships while others do not. I just wanted to share how I gained a few friendships under unusual circumstances.

Tammy - Her husband was my boyfriend when I was 15. We broke up for various reasons. I believe for him, it was because he wanted to date Tammy. Somehow Tammy and I also became friends. They got married when I was 17, and I regularly spent Sunday evening at their little apartment in Hemet, having dinner and hanging out. We lost contact for years, and it's really a joy to watch her kids grow up on her blog.

Susan - She's my sister's sister. My family is a little complicated. (On an outing a couple years ago, I was there with my half-sister Jaime, and Jaime's half-sister Susan, and Susan's half-sister Sheila, but none of us were full siblings.) Susan and I occasionally played together as children, and then "met" again when I moved within a couple miles of Susan. Sometimes it seems we have so little in common. We were born in the same year, but she has four children - I have two cats. Our talents and skills lie in completely different areas, but yet I love sitting and talking with her when we find time.

Steve H. - I've never met this man. I worked with him over the phone at my current job, resolving some issues. Somewhere along the way we started talking about things other than computer problems. Now I know his son is on a mission in Mexico, and if I ever visit North Carolina, I've got an invitation to his home for some good BBQ. He called this week to request my prayers for some personal issues in his family, and I was touched.

And just a funny note about Nathan - when we first started talking after his mission, we were actually giving each other dating advice. I was interested in this guy named Jon in my singles ward, who wasn't moving as fast as I wanted, and Nathan wanted to date his friend Margaret, who had overprotective parents. Of course, you know how this story ends. Jon didn't pay enough attention to me to keep me around. Margaret married someone else and now we are friends as well... strange how life works.


~Michelle~ said...

Yes, it is strange how things work!

And yet I am still single, employed and going to school!

Never thought that I would be doing these things alone. But, it is ok, it will happen when the Lord is willing.


mom of 2 wonderful brats said...

I remember those days, that was a long time ago...we are going to be in Logan Utah at somepoint this summer visting our nephews, maybe we could get together either on our way up or on our way back...what ever works best for you guys...I would love to meet Nathan...