Friday, May 16, 2008


My father-in-law and I both have gout. We occasionally find home remedies for each other. He called earlier this week to say that if you ate 10 bananas in a day, it would help, and if I would do it, he would do it. I told him, "Bring it!" I went to the store, bought 10 medium-large bananas, and waited for them to ripen.

Today was the day. I solicited my team at work to support me. I wouldn't let them eat any of the bananas to help though. Here's how it went...

#1 - eaten on the walk to the bus. Not too bad. I like bananas.

#2 - eaten with peanut butter. Ugh. I feel sick. Looking at the bananas sitting on my desk makes me feel sicker.

#3 - with peanut butter. Okay, this isn't so bad. It tastes pretty good, actually. Time to email a status.

Me: 10AM. 3 bananas down. 7 to go.

His response: I think you had enough for the day...

#4 - with peanut butter. Am I crazy? If I unintentionally throw up, does it still count?

#5 - with peanut butter. Celebrated the halfway point by putting a banana sticker on my cheek. Left it there until the end of the day, forgot about it when I had to talk to a manager, and got a little embarrassed when I realized. Didn't bother explaining.

#6 - with peanut butter. I feel so sick. All I've eaten today is bananas, a tiny bit of peanut butter, and a few dry cheerios. I didn't bother packing lunch. I figured the bananas would keep me full.

#7 - got some vanilla ice cream and sliced up two bananas. The ice cream brings new hope.

#7 1/2 - what was I thinking? Now I have to cram down ice cream on TOP of all these bananas.

#8 - I feel like my esophagus is filled with bananas. I'm never going to make it.

Started chugging ice water to get the taste out of my mouth. Took a several hour break from bananas and decided to finish them at home.

9PM. Now that I'm not so full from dinner, let's finish these.

#9 & 10 - threw them in the blender with about 1 cup of milk and a splash of vanilla. Poured it in a big glass and chugged.

SUCCESS! Called my father-in-law to tell him he needed to buy bananas because it's his turn. I can tell he's absolutely thrilled.

I don't think I can touch another banana for weeks.


Amy said...

That's hilarious - I don't think I could do it. Can't wait to hear if your father-in-law can manage it.

Anonymous said...

I was planning on stocking up on bananas, so that when my favorite Utah daughter came to visit, she could take BUNCHES of them back home. Guess I'll forget that idea.

A spoonful of pb makes the banana go down, in the most delightful way.

Danna said...

I like bananas but 10, WOW! Do you think he'll get them down? Crazy!!

Jaime said...

Oh my gosh, that is crazy! But really funny! Did you poop bananas?

~Michelle~ said...

And yet, although hilarious, I still couldn't do this. Just another thing that makes you completely unique! :p

Oh, did I say WOW?


ginalm said...

Oh. My. Goodness. 10 bananas. (Just the thought makes me nauseated right now. But, so many things do...) So, did your herculean effort improve your health?