Saturday, April 19, 2008

What can you get for $28 and 4.5 hours?

A tired body and a treasure trove of luscious used-smelling books! (I know I don't look cute but what do you expect after I walked uphill from the bus stop against a strong wind carrying all these bags? Oh, and I hadn't eaten lunch.)

I went to the semi-annual used book sale at the Salt Lake City Public Library today. I went while Nathan was at work, so I took the bus and Trax to get there. (Check out the library, it's pretty cool, I haven't explored it all yet.)

I took a backpack and a sturdy cloth bag because I knew I'd have to carry everything while transferring from a University train to a Sandy train to a bus and then walk to my house. I didn't bring enough bags though! I was only halfway through the children's aisle when I had to stop because I knew I couldn't carry any more books. I found fabulous books though, some for me, some for my future kids, and some for either my sister or her sister for their kids. Check out all my goodies! Click it big and you can read most of the titles!

Only one page is slightly ripped in this pop-up book.

I found hard-bound Highlights magazines from the 1970s. I had no clue they made them in this format. My arms were already overflowing when I saw these, but I grabbed the whole stack and shoved them at the bottom of my armload.

I found two titles from the Betsy and Tacy series. I can't remember if I have read these particular titles - it's been so many years - but they are a cute, innocent series.

Even the cats are dying to check them out.

It's a gorgeous day today. I re-potted my aloe vera plant. It has been crying out for more room. I think it will be much happier and it was even warm enough to put it outside today.


Jaime said...

So Jealous! I do love a good book sale!

Anonymous said...

A gal after my own heart!