Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Finally... the camera cooperated and the pictures uploaded. Let's play catch-up.

On Saturday afternoon, March 29th, Nathan got a phone call from his dad. His dad was being called to serve in the bishopric for their ward at church. Nathan really wanted to be there when his dad was set apart the next day (given a blessing and formally assigned his calling). We talked it over and decided we were still young enough to be a little crazy. So... the next few hours were really busy for me while Nathan was still at work. I made arrangements to rent a car (ours was not up for the trip), reassigned our responsibilities for the next day, emailed my boss that I would be out on Monday, packed, put out lots of food and water for the cats, asked someone to keep an eye on the house, etc. We picked up the rental car and hit the road when Nathan got off work.

We were blessed with being wide awake for the drive, which hasn't happened in awhile. We slept in Barstow at a well-lit truck stop for a few hours, then finished the drive and arrived in Orange County around 6am. The only person who knew we were coming was our friend Danny, so we parked in his driveway. Once his family woke up, we went inside, visited for a bit, and got ready for church.

We sneaked into the chapel behind his father, who was very surprised to see us. In a few seconds, we heard shrieking from his mom and Rachel and Rebekah. We shushed everyone, hugged a few other people, and sat down in time for church to start. It was wonderful to be there for this special family moment and we got to visit with a few close friends and family later that day, along with having a family meal.

I got to see both of my sisters and their kids. I got to talk to my pregnant sister's belly and feel the baby kick. My other sister's kids have changed a lot just since Christmas. I watched my niece blow raspberries / give brownie-buttons (whatever your family calls it) on her brothers' and mom's tummies. It was so cute!

(I slept in Sarah's room - she's on a mission - and her room was piled with blankets that are being sorted, so it was super cozy!)

Homework time! I miss you guys!

We drove home on Monday, leaving around 5am. We brought with us one more chair from our dining room set and a wooden rocking chair that just needs to be finished/painted. The cats are fascinated by it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, to be young & crazy!!

Jaime said...
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Jaime said...

I guess you can call yourself young and crazy. I suppose I can't own that one!

ginalm said...

It was so fun to see you!