Saturday, April 5, 2008

Limeade + Cherish = Owwie?

Advice/opinions needed! I can't find an answer via google (my #1 reference tool).

Drinking limeade, either homemade or from concentrate, causes me to have intense stomach pain. I love it but try to avoid it for this reason.

Last night at a wedding reception, I had what I thought was lemonade. When we had to leave early because I was in pain, I realized there were limes floating in the drink and it didn't taste like straight lemonade. Aha! That's why I'm miserable!

Does anyone know why I have this reaction? I have no problem with other citrus juices.

In case of any possible correlation, my only other self-diagnosed food intolerances are Splenda and high quantities of sugar. I have been diagnosed with gout and I have unofficially been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. When I officially tested for hypoglycemia they couldn't find it, but I have the symptoms and it goes up and down in severity based on how I'm eating in general and how stressed I am. When I was on the pill it was extremely hard to control. My childhood doctor said I had a small pancreas.

Now that you know way more than you wanted to know about my health issues, you can stop reading and start thinking. :)


Danna said...

The only thought that comes right to mind is that citris has the white pulf (I have no clue what is called, thats what I call it), the stuff you peel off. Well, it is their because it makes the citrus less acidic and therefor easier to digest. SO, #1 limes don't have a whole lot to begin with, & #2 lime age rarely has any pulp of any kind. Thats just my long winded two cents!
And the pill, yea well it only exasperates or creates problems for me, I steer clear! (did I just spell steer like a cow?)
Love ya!! :)

Danna said...

I ment limeade, not aged limes! :)

~Michelle~ said...

Ok, my little sisters are allergic to not only limes but, sugar cane!

Have you thought of getting tested for food allergies? It is more common than most people think!

As far as the pill goes it is said by medical professional to cause what I have, policystic(sp) ovaries and policystic(sp) ovaries causes excessive weight gain. But, the pill in general is not that great to use!!! I know from personal experience. It can cause stomach pains and the such!

Hope you feel better!

Jaime said...

Hey, I told you the long list of foods that Tricia and her family are allergic to! If she can be allergic to lettuce, but not spinach, then I think you'd be surprised what weird things you're allergic to too!

Jaime said...

Okay, and also in your new picture Nathan looks like Pete, the archenemy of Mickey Mouse.

~Michelle~ said...

Jaime, that is hilarious!