Saturday, March 29, 2008

I feel ill...

I had the brilliant idea this morning to stick a pair of rag-bag nylons on the broom handle and slide it under the stove. Oh my, what I found made me feel ill. I'm decent at doing the basic housekeeping chores, but the deep cleaning items don't happen as often as they should.

Here is what I retrieved:

4 foil Arby's balls
4 bouncy balls
1 toy car
1 milk ring
1 Vitamin C tablet
broken glass and tile
2 unidentified plastic rings
1 bouillon wrapper
huge dust bunnies

Here's the grossest part. I have never before seen the design of tile that was on this broken piece, nor one of the bouncy balls, and I don't use bouillon cubes. That stuff was from the previous homeowner! EWWWW!

My own dirty dishes don't bother me. My own bathtub drain clumps don't bother me. But plunging my hands into a sink of cold water and someone else's soaking dishes? I cringe when I have to do it. In my first apartment, I cleaned out the tub drain and found someone else's hair and fabric scraps. I just about hurled.

I contemplated taking a picture of my nasty findings, but in the end, it was too gross to make you look at it too!


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what it might be like to be a dust mite? Must be a rather dull existence, until someone comes along to disturb you.

The Millers... said...

Yuck! Even other people's dirty dishes I can handle if I need to, but old tub drain gunk, no way!

Lisa said...

Icky! But you have to feels so good now to know that it's all nice and clean under there! I love doing deep cleaning!

~Michelle~ said...

WOW! I know what that is like from when I used to deep clean houses for move out/move in cleanings. I have found the nastiest things ever in their sinks, tubs, toilets, etc!

Which is why I refuse to clean someone else's bathroom because it will make me hurl! I can handle the kitchen but never the bathroom!