Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I don't hate theaters after all!

When I was 17-18, I went to the movies constantly. We don't go very much anymore, partly because I just don't like the experience. Last night, however, I realized that I like the experience when it's a dollar theater.

Good things about dollar theaters in general:

1. I don't feel sick about how much we just spent for a couple hours of maybe-good-entertainment.
2. I feel like I fit in there. Jordan Landing or Jordan Commons, our local theaters, are filled with little teeny-boppers with all their giggling and ultra-trendy and often immodest clothing. Dollar theaters have down-to-earth people - moms with a bunch of kids who can't afford regular prices and aren't all dressed up for the night.
3. They aren't as crowded. I really dislike having a stranger sit next to me in the dark.
4. It's a less-materialistic experience in general, because there are usually only a few screens, not like the typical 18-screen theater.
5. You can scrounge up change and it's actually enough $$.

Good things about our dollar theater:

1. It's not in a scary neighborhood like some dollar theaters.
2. Showtimes are listed on moviefone.com, unlike many discount theaters.
3. It's really close to our house.
4. You can buy tickets and food at the same register, saving time if you actually wanted to spend $$ on treats.
5. The treats aren't insanely expensive.

Bottom line... I'm stoked! I can go to the movies with my hunny and not have a miserable time.


~Michelle~ said...

I can tell you are in Cher heaven!


I am really glad you found a theater that works for you! I have been going with my sister, Sarah, about once a month as our little one on one time thing to do together. We really like it. But, as you mentioned, it can get pricey. Which is the reason we go only once a month! :p

Miss ya,


Danna said...

We had a dollar theater in town when we were in school, theynever had too many movies and when they found out the Mormons would not come if they only showed R movies, well needless to say we didn't see too many movies after that! :)

Amy said...

I love the dollar theaters too. The BEST thing is that I don't feel like it's a waste of money if we didn't like the movie or if we have to walk out. Almost every time I have paid full price for a movie (which isn't very often) I have regreted it.