Thursday, January 31, 2008

Slightly unusual stories of the day

Not so exciting but two random things that happened yesterday.

Riding TRAX into work.... a man in his 60's got too distracted with his cell phone and apparently missed his stop. Jumped up and hit the button to open the door, but the doors were already locked to continue to the next station. He then hit the emergency button above the doors. What in the world? When that didn't work because we were already moving, he sat back down. At the next stop, the conductor came and peered into our car, but all looked fine so he just reset the alarm.

I already thought the man was a little odd, but the story continues. The logical solution would be to exit at the next stop and take a train back the other way, in a few minutes. However, the man stayed on the train for three more stops before he finally exited. I'm not sure what his deal was.

Next story!

It was late shift. I was eating carrot sticks and craving ice cream. I went downstairs and got $10 from the ATM, only to realize the change machine only took $5 dollar bills and obviously the vending machine wouldn't take it. I came back upstairs, very sadly, and told my woeful tale to a coworker, who loaned me some change. Went back downstairs, put in my change, punched the button, and my selection got caught and wouldn't fall. Ordinarily I would just request a refund during business hours the next day and give up, but this was just the final straw.

I went to the nearby security desk and told him my sad story and asked him to shake the vending machine for me. He couldn't leave, but radioed a nearby security guard to come help. This tall, muscled man showed up and I asked him to shake the vending machine, blushing a little. Unfortunately it was REALLY stuck and he had to slam the machine around several times before it fell. The few other people still in the area were looking at us very strangely. I thanked him and went back upstairs, wanting to die of embarrassment. But I got my ice cream!!


Anonymous said...

So did the ice cream really taste THAT GOOOOD????
Why not just go outside and get a real honest to goodness "sno-cone"??
Just kiddin'
Love ya and miss you.

diepinkespinne said...

i can picture this so clearly. it is funny.

oh how i miss riding the bus and working late shift...

Jaime said...

That's my girl! Whatever it takes to get a little ice cream!!!

The Greathouse Family said...

Yes, I think that ice cream is that important too!!