Saturday, December 8, 2007


MIRACLE! As I'm typing this, the snow plow finally made it down our street. That only happens about once a year.

We had a lot of snow overnight. I went out this morning to shovel out Nathan's car and the driveway from about 7 inches of snow, but he couldn't get out of the driveway and almost hit my car (parked in the street). He pulled back in and called in to work. Two hours later, I went out and shoveled even more, including a chunk of the street, so he could get pulled out. He almost got stuck, but managed to get the car traveling straight. It wasn't the most pleasant drive in, but he made it because the rest of the streets were plowed.

I'm amazed at the kindness of neighbors. I'm not being a lazy bum; I've shoveled twice already this morning, but I can't keep up with the snow. Two neighbors have snowblowers. One came by and cleared a path in the sidewalk for multiple houses. The second came and cleared my driveway (yet again). They are getting Christmas cookies for sure!

The trees are loaded with snow. They are beautiful, but branches are breaking with the weight of the snow. I was concerned this morning, as several trees on our fence line had bowed down enough to touch the house, but they seem to be okay.

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Danna said...

OOO, it looks like a fairy tale!! Glad nothing fell on your house, we have a couple trees I worry about occationaly! :)