Monday, August 27, 2007

Singing in Sacrament Meeting

Our Primary children sang Love One Another in church yesterday. We don't have very many "singers" in our ward, but one of our Sunbeams wanted to be the star of the day! He managed to grab ahold of the microphone and sang the few words he knew, then began making up his own song. He easily drowned out the rest of the Primary and it was just hilarious. The bishopric finally turned off the microphone when the song was almost done. :-)

I'm starting to plan the Sacrament Meeting program. For those of you who don't know, the Primary children (ages 3-11) have a theme they study all year at church, which includes learning specific songs. They then present everything they've learned in a program, to their families. Each child has a short speaking part and they sing the songs they have learned. One of my current assignments is to plan this program within the guidelines. I've got the order of the monthly themes chosen, and a few different ways to present the songs. That's the easy part. What's funny is that I dread this all year long, and once I actually start planning it, it's just so exciting! Our program is on November 11th, which means our final practice is on my birthday. Yuck.


Janice said...

Cherish - What is your calling in Primary? Do you mean that you have to write all of the speaking parts, and make all the assignments, etc? If so, wow!!
I'm the secretary in Primary, and the whole presidency are going to meet a couple of times and all do the program together

Cherish said...

I'm the first counselor. It's my job to do basically everything regarding the program. Plan the program, write the speaking parts, figure out any special arrangements for songs, create the seating chart, hand out assignments, and sit by the podium to prompt kids. The rest of the presidency reviews what I've come up with and suggests any changes they feel are necessary.