Sunday, June 3, 2007

Trip to SoCal

I got to visit friends and family over Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately I slept on couches a few too many times and now my shoulders hurt! Nathan's little sister Sarah drove down with me and we had fun.

A cute kid that I love! He cuddled up with me one night around 3am but turned out to be a couch-hog. :P

I got to stop by my old workplace and visit with a few people. Most everyone was gone for the holiday weekend. I went shopping with my sister and bought way cute skirts, including one that she bought too! I'll put up pictures as soon as I wear them. I put flowers on relatives' graves in Hemet with my grandma, an annual tradition, as well as visiting a friend's grave in Riverside. I also got to visit my parents for a few hours, so fun! Their tomato plants and mint are flourishing like crazy, I'm jealous. My mom is doing great and my dad is my favorite auto mechanic, making sure everything was working fine on my car.

Sarah and I stopped at a timeshare in Vegas on the way back, to break up the drive. There was an in-unit washer and dryer, so I did laundry and didn't have to stress about it when I got home! I was going to sleep on the bed and give Sarah the bed that folded out of the wall, but I fell asleep on the couch so she appropriated the bed and I never did pull out the wall-bed. The bathroom rocked! It had a huge tub with big ledges all around for shampoo and whatever.

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