Saturday, May 3, 2014

I love my life!

It's been a good weekend.  Yesterday I took the afternoon off to attend the funeral of a good friend's Grandma.  I had never met said grandma, but I had heard much about her and wanted to support my friend.  I left inspired to do better at nurturing others.  It was a gorgeous day and I got to chat with a coworker on the drive, then take care of some errands and have an absolutely fantastic visit to the temple.  Later I went to dinner with friends and we had a great time discussing our recent dating adventures.

Economics homework is done and that final is on Monday.  I already finished Marketing on Monday.  I can't wait for this semester to end.  Microeconomics and I were not friends years ago, and macroeconomics proved to be only slightly less painful.  

Today I woke up ready to be productive. I cleared the top of my dresser/nightstand of things that no longer hold emotional attachment, and moved on from there.  I'm not going to say I worked hard all day.  I took a break when my back started having twinges, but I had several cycles of productivity.  The car is vacuumed out and the dash wiped down, kitchen cupboards washed, tub scrubbed, quite a bit of paper tossed, an online dating profile created, front door paint touched up, and the linen closet door transformed to white in preparation for fun vinyl lettering.  I've also been playing the piano a bit more lately. I found music in my piano bench that I haven't played before, and sight reading is a fun challenge, along with playing familiar Phantom of the Opera music.

I've enjoyed the gorgeous weather and rocking out to music all weekend.  I took myself on a date tonight.  I love dates with myself.  I can do whatever I want.  I have no problem taking myself to a movie but I normally struggle with sitting alone in a restaurant.  Tonight I happily ate Thai food on my date with myself.  Mmm, curry.  The movies I wanted to see weren't showing anytime soon at the nearby theater, so I hit the bookstore instead and got a 50% off plaque for my bedroom wall.  I'm waiting until daylight to hang it, so I can make sure the wood doesn't clash with the bed frame.


Amy said...

Awesome - what a great day! I like your plaque.

Jaime Jenkins said...

That sounds really productive to me!