Sunday, April 27, 2014

Man, I make good food!

Yesterday I hosted dinner for a few friends. It was supposed to be more than a few, but people had to cancel at the last minute.  It's okay - it meant we could all fit around the dining table.  Plus I have delicious leftovers!  It would be sad if my house still smelled of tastiness but I didn't have any to eat.  I was up a little too late Friday night meeting...we'll call him Texting Man...for the first time, and being on my feet cooking for hours also wears me out. I'm glad to rest today.

The menu:
Funeral potatoes
Green beans with bacon
Carrots with brown sugar and butter
Raspberry jello with blueberries and mandarin oranges
Deviled eggs - plain or topped with curry powder, nutmeg, or caraway seeds
Strawberry lemonade

My friend loaned me his vacuum and I got the couch looking better than it's looked since the good vacuum moved out with Nathan a year and a half ago. My cheap vacuum is awful!  Then Echo decided to add fur again.

A friend made lemon icebox pie with meringue topping.  It was a perfect spring dessert, and the pale yellow matched the tablecloth.