Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter was a really good day for the most part.  I love alleluia hymns.  It's fun to wrap my tongue around the word while floating through notes.  I crashed another ward for church and they were having a musical sacrament meeting, where people get up and say why a hymn is their favorite, and then we sing a verse of it.  Some of them were my favorites too, and we sang my mom's favorite verse of her favorite song (verse 7).

I've been needing new sandals, so I went shopping the day before Easter.  The challenge with having big toe arthritis is that I really can't wear anything with a heel.  I found black sandals that will work with jeans or a skirt, and so far they have passed the comfort test.

I also found brown sandals but just casual ones.  It's a shame because I really need nicer brown sandals for work.  The ones I have are completely falling apart.  I have never been able to handle flip-flops with the strap between my toe.  I tried on these Skechers in desperation and found that they fit very comfortably, and the strap barely touches between my toes, with no pressure.  These may be my new "I could walk the entire earth in these" sandals.  Ugly, but so comfortable that I will fall in love with them later.

I also spent Saturday preparing Easter goodies for a few men (friends/dating).  These included a throw pillow cover made out of fabric scraps left from a blanket I made for Christmas...

...lots of cookies, packaged in serving sizes to easily take to work

...Ben and Jerry's for the ice cream other stuff.

I love having a new-to-me Easter skirt.  I found a circle skirt at the thrift store a few weeks ago but it was white, yuck.  On Saturday, I dyed it purple.  The seams have silver thread and they retained their color beautifully.  I love how it came out!  I love my new sandals!  I was so stinking cute!

The day ended by playing Truth/Dare Jenga with friends.  This coming Saturday, I'll host a dinner with all the Easter goodies such as ham and funeral potatoes. 


Lena said...

You dyed a skirt?? You rock, girl!!

Amy said...

Cute outfit! You have so much fun.

Jaime Jenkins said...

Lucky men!!