Saturday, March 29, 2014

Great finds today!

Weird sleep schedule..I was wide awake at 4:15am so I started laundry at 5am and didn't fall back asleep until about 7:15.  Anyway, I don't know whether my thrift store finds or grocery store finds made me happier today!

I found an unadvertised sale on baking chips of many flavors.  I re-stocked the freezer with milk chocolate, semi-sweet, butterscotch, cinnamon, toffee, and peanut butter chips.  I also found Asian pears for 69 cents, yum!  A 5-pack of toothbrushes for $1 was nice too.  My poor toothbrush was looking sad.

Puzzles can be so expensive.  The trouble with thrift store puzzles is that you never know if they'll be missing pieces, but I decided to take the risk.  I want to do a puzzle during the LDS General Conference broadcast next weekend.  I found a 750 piece puzzle for $2 and a 5-pack of 500-750 piece puzzles for $3.  Surely one of them is complete!  I browsed for clothes before hitting the puzzle section.

I loved how I looked in this top, but the neckline was wider and lower than I feel comfortable wearing.  I would have been adjusting it non-stop, so I settled for taking a picture.  I did go home with a pair of $6 jeans (always a challenge to find ones that fit my ghetto booty), $3 stretchy fuzzy jammy bottoms, a $2 shirt, and a $3 flared white skirt that I plan to dye a different color.  They're in the washer right now and I'm very happy!


Jaime Jenkins said...

I love your deals! I miss shopping!

Amy said...

Great looking shirt - too bad it wouldn't have been comfortable to wear - you look great. And what a good idea to do a puzzle during conference. I don't think we have ever tried that before, I think we'll do it this year! Thanks for the suggestion.