Sunday, June 16, 2013

Banana muffins with cherry chips

When I cook, I'm okay working from a general concept of ingredients that should taste good together, but no recipe.  When I bake, I typically take a base recipe and then alter as desired, keeping the general liquid/dry ingredient ratios the same.  I haven't been comfortable dreaming up a recipe from scratch.  Recently I saw a blog post detailing the ratios needed to invent your own cookie recipe.  I'm really excited to try it, but for now I'll just keep altering.

Sometimes when I alter a recipe, I still have a good idea of measurements so I can share my new version of the recipe.  Sadly, today's adventure was delicious, but I didn't measure most things (just eyeballed the batter consistency) so I have no confidence in providing a recipe.

Basically I made banana muffins with extra banana and no oil, coconut milk instead of regular milk, added vanilla and nutmeg, and half the muffins with a spoonful of Nutella on top and half with cherry chips mixed in. The Nutella ones were decent but improved by spreading the baked Nutella and a little fresh Nutella over the top.  The cherry chip ones...AMAZING.  

These muffins are fluffy, moist, and oozing with flavor.  The cherry chips partially melted throughout each muffin.  The flavors of vanilla, banana, and cherry worked together perfectly.

I am so sad that I don't know how to make these again, because I've made many variations of banana bread and these rate up near the top.  I'll figure it out though!  

Side note: my best friend as a teenager could do amazing things in the kitchen.  Her food (including banana bread, of course) was always drool-worthy.  I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.  One day I realized my dream had come true - I have my own mad kitchen skillz!  We aren't close anymore, but this week I found out she's 18 weeks pregnant.  She's gone through a lot of trials in her life, including a controlling/abusive marriage and health problems, and she deserves this.  I'm so happy for her and I know she'll be a great mommy, and that kid will eat some mighty tasty things!


Rebecca H. Jamison said...

Those look good. I didn't even know there was such a thing as cherry chips.

Jaime Jenkins said...