Sunday, May 26, 2013

Random things from the week


- Men opening my car door for me, even when I'm the one driving.
- Friends who bring you chocolate when you're feeling in a funk.
- Being available to rescue a friend whose hike went awry and left them at the bottom of the mountain horribly dehydrated and hungry, and without their car keys.
- Going to concerts and feeling the bass throughout my body.  Good thing I don't do it often or I'd be half-deaf.
- Letting a lovely spring breeze blow through my house.
- Crepes filled with Nutella and bananas.  Especially when they're made by a cute guy.

- Shin pain that kicks in at the very beginning of a 5K and refuses to leave even while driving home, making it difficult to even push the gas pedal.
- Waking up to the sound of a cat puking throughout the hallway.
- Coming home from vacation to find that the bowl of beef broth you left in the fridge (to throw away when you got home, so you wouldn't have to wash another dish before leaving) had flung itself all over the fridge when a shelf collapsed.  Approximately 4 cups of beef broth and fat covered every jar/bottle on the door, filled the seal and an empty veggie drawer, pooled under the veggie drawers, showered a few things on the bottom shelf, and dripped out onto the floor.  It was especially aggravating because I had thoroughly scrubbed the fridge just a few weeks ago.  My attempt to save five minutes resulted in a good hour of disgusting work.


Lena said...

OK, I want to know more about that guy who makes pancakes and opens the door for you :)....Sorry about the beef broth!

Amy said...

Thanks for starting with the likes. And sorry about the YUCKY mess! That's worse that the cat puke.

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

Sounds like you've got more good things happening than bad. Hope you can figure out the shin pain. And I second Lena's comment.

Jaime Jenkins said...

I'm glad you're having good adventures to balance out the yuck!