Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nathan's hair adventures, part 102?

You should know by now, Nathan's hair and facial hair changes on a regular basis.  He was ready to buzz his hair and I asked if I could do something fun just for the day, like a Mohawk.  He was game.

We were going out with friends and he wanted a shirt to complement the hair.  He settled on his 7-11 shirt and added the bead necklace he'd just put together at Scout camp, complete with bullets.  He reminded me of Mr. T.

I kept looking at him and laughing.  At one point he said, you aren't looking at me as you talk, you're looking at my hair!  He was right.

This morning it was time to shave it all off in order to be presentable for church.  I made stripes first.  :-) 


Rebecca H. Jamison said...

Looking forward to seeing the new do at church. It's been pretty interesting lately. Where did he get the 7-11 shirt? It doesn't look like the same shirt I've seen employees wearing lately.

Amy said...

He does make a pretty convincing Mr. T - besides the skin color. (If there are two comments - it's because I didn't realize I was logged in on Nathan's account).

Lena said...

Hahaha...Awesome :)

Jaime said...