Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

We were blessed to have friends and family join us for Easter dinner.  Nathan's mom bought us a beautiful new tablecloth that fits the table with both leaves in.  Awesome!  I've been using a sheet up until now.  

I did most of the work on Saturday and utilized both crockpots to minimize work on the Sabbath. It was nice.  The food was good and we did potluck so I didn't have to make it all.

The ham was awesome (I loosely followed a recipe) - recipe here.  The macaroni and cheese will now be a permanent item in Easter dinner (so yum!) - recipe here.  We also had deviled eggs, funeral potatoes, Caesar salad, homemade bread, steamed carrots, and cheesecake.  

I like to always have a new-to-me skirt for Easter.  I didn't have any fresh hand-me-downs, so I hit up the thrift store and found one I liked for $3.  It isn't very spring-like, but it's super comfy.  I needed a little pick-me-up because I really need to lose weight and I am limited to a few skirts that fit me right now.

After dinner, Sarah taught her parents how to salsa dance.  Then Nathan's mom hid Easter eggs filled with chocolate and money.  She was super generous since all of us are adults - $1 bills!


Amy said...

Looks like quite the crowd for Easter! So much fun - love the video of the adults looking for eggs. We never outgrow the desire for good fun.

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

Oh, there's Debbie. She's so cool. You don't look like you need to lose weight.