Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special dinner

We did a special dinner for the young women at church and their dad or special guest.  I was in charge of food, and out of the options I offered, they picked spaghetti.  We also had salad, garlic bread, and cannoli cups.  I made meatballs and lemon-herb salad dressing, and cheated by buying French bread instead of making it.  I did make my own garlic butter with fresh garlic, at least.  We estimated 25 guests and it was too much to make it all from scratch.  Everything actually fell into place really nicely, although our turnout was lower than expected.

The other leaders did a beautiful job decorating.  We bought nice plastic plates and used our own glasses or goblets and real silverware.  I got to take home a little vase of carnations.  I put lime, lemon, and minneola slices in the water pitchers.  I loved the bright color combo!

I wanted an Italian dessert to go with the rest of the food.  I found a really easy and tasty looking recipe for cannoli cups.  It did not disappoint.  Check it out here!  I bought the pre-made pie crusts the recipe calls for and just about died at the price, but I didn't have time to make my own.  I also substituted regular sugar and chocolate chips rather than buying turbinado sugar and mini chips.  So yum!  Make them!


Amy said...

What a lot of work - looks like a beautiful evening! Hope the girls appreciated it and it will be something they always remember.

Those cannoli cups look fabulous - as if I need more desserts to try . . . We missed you at the RS thing last night. I ate way too much! and also found another recipe I want to try. Evonne made a peachy keen dessert (I think that's what she called it) that had just a hint of almond in it. Oh, so good. Even after a plate of all the other desserts, I had to have seconds of that one. Desserts are definitely one of my weaknesses.

Jaime said...

You balked at the pie crusts? The ricotta sounds like the expensive part, but it all sounds good! Lucky girls. :)