Saturday, October 22, 2011

What am I doing wrong?

Somehow... canning always takes longer than "they" say it's supposed to. For example:

Right now I'm making grape juice in the steam juicer. I read online that it's supposed to take one hour and I'll start getting juice after 20 minutes. Umm, no. It's been at least 90 minutes and I have a jar's worth.

Cooking apples for applesauce - that supposedly takes 30 minutes until the apples are soft. Again, not a chance. I have to stir them several times and it usually takes an hour, AFTER the liquid starts boiling.

That would probably explain why it's 11:30 and bedtime isn't coming for awhile, even though I skipped half my projects for tonight so I could get some sleep.

The lack of sleep might help you understand my silly error earlier today that resulted in applesauce mildly flavored with jalapeno... at least we decided it could be a tasty meat topping, so I didn't just toss it. Instead, I canned it after adding lemon juice, cinnamon, and brown sugar, which isn't the combination I've used in the non-spicy applesauce, but it complements the mild kick nicely.


Golda said...

Jalapeno flavored applesauce sounds pretty good to me - I like sweet and spicy combinations. I recently had some fruit salad with a bit of cayenne pepper in it and it was delicious! Good luck with all your canning!

Amy said...

I agree - it always takes longer than I think too. And I've had the exact same problem with the juicer - it taking so much longer and a lot more work and involvement than the instructions say. (maybe they don't want to scare you aware from doing it)

And jalapeno in your applesauce? What did you mean to put in it??? :)

Jaime said...

Isn't that life in general? Except for the dishes, everything takes longer than I think it will.

Greenlee Family said...

Are you making sure you are adding time for the altitude?

Janice said...

I generally microwave my apples after I cut them to speed up the cooking time. But then again, I probably don't have the volume you have.