Monday, July 4, 2011

Freezer cooking - July

I'm so stinking tired. Life is just crazy right now. We have company, both expected and unexpected. I decided to do a freezer cooking session over the holiday weekend.

On Saturday, I invited a friend over who really doesn't cook at all. With much hand-holding, we prepared three recipes. We cooked two of them and then froze individual portions. The other one she took home to cook, since she had family in town. She was very proud of herself. Unfortunately my 40 lb box of chicken took forever to defrost, so I didn't get much cooking done until several hours later.

At this moment I'm very sick of chicken and not quite done. I even ended up eating some of it instead of freezing, in order to feed our guests. I ran out of energy and wanted to spend time with my company. I'll have to finish it early tomorrow morning.

Herbed chicken - 2 8x8 pans and 2 pint jars, some with rice, some with broccoli.
Chicken enchiladas - 2 9x13 pans
Tamale pie - 3 round dishes
Cream of chicken soup - 3 pints
Chili verde - to be finished (probably 2 quarts)
Diced chicken - two ice cream containers' worth
Chicken divan - 2 9x13 pans
Broth - 2 quarts


Amy said...

All of those sound so good. I love chicken, but I'm sure I would be sick of it too after all that preparation and cooking. It will sure be nice to have in the future, though.

The Miller Family said...

We just had company (unexpected - and for a week!) and I'm so exhausted! I don't know where you found the energy to do your freezer cooking after that! Way to go!

Jaime said...

You are amazing.