Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not much new here

I feel like I'm just surviving life the last couple of weeks. Our excitement consists of things like Nathan finally fixing the light switch on our living room fan. It was fine all winter because we could turn on the light at the wall switch and leave the fan off. Once it started warming up (before it poured rain and got cold again), it wasn't so nice to have the light on all day in order to run the fan.

We turned off the power to the whole house, because I wasn't brave enough to find the correct breaker and risk shocking the hubby. We didn't have all the parts or tools we needed, but a neighbor's son was kind enough to come help us finish the repair. It's so nice to have it working!

As for work, I've been busy with round after round of new employees to train, plus other types of training when I have a gap. I had some 12 hour days last month (always fun) and tomorrow morning I'll do another one, because I need to train a grave shift employee on a task and then do my normal training schedule.

It feels like I'll never finish training new employees and get a chance to work on improving my training, but I had a couple successes this past week.

1) I created a permanent training schedule for new employees to comply with. Anyone who needs a refresher course on a specific topic will know exactly when to attend. This should prevent those obnoxious 12 hour days where I try to work around the new employees' schedules. Since our training team is a new concept, we have been figuring out how to do training and the supervisors have just been making demands left and right because they aren't used to having trainers and aren't sure how to use us.

2) I created my first training video, freeing up two hours on my schedule. We purchased Camtasia, which can be used for screen capture, audio capture, etc. One of my coworkers has been using it for brief training reminders each week, but I haven't had time to play with it. I was charged with providing training ASAP to 30+ employees on a new task. Because all of these people are on phones, I had to schedule four separate training sessions to accommodate everyone's schedule and keep enough people on phones at all times.

I was able to mostly create printed instructions on the bus Friday morning, then arrived at work, finished the instructions, and created a 5 1/2 minute video. I ran it by one of the supervisors and they LOVED it. They promptly forwarded it to all of their employees while I handed out the printouts. I canceled the training sessions and spent my day working on other projects, while my trainees watched the training at their desks between calls.

Okay, I know all this detail is probably really boring to anyone reading, but it made me happy. So yeah, that's what my life consists of right, domestic tasks, and watching it rain.


Amy said...

Congratulations on your training video - what an accomplishment. And it does sound interesting to me. All except watching it rain . . . I can handle a day or maybe two - after that it gets old. But thank goodness for a day of good weather yesterday to get some plants in the ground.

Golda said...

It keeps raining here too. We had about an hour of sun today and it was pretty glorious.

Jaime said...

You're AMAZING!!! Great job wowing the bosses. You're going to be running that place before long! :)

Danna said...

Have you been voted employee of the year... scratch that... decade?!?!?!?!?! You are AWESOME!! XOXO

PS Jamie- I love that photo of you!!