Thursday, December 9, 2010

Young Women in Excellence

Here are the apples I tried to dye purple. They didn't turn out very well so I dyed dip instead.

This was for the Young Women in Excellence program at church. This is when we invite parents to see what their girls have been doing all year, and present awards to those that have completed the Personal Progress program.

We wanted to do something we'd heard about online for treats - fruit in the value colors. That would have been a great idea in the summer, but it wasn't as easy in the winter. I couldn't find any purple grapes or even plums, hence why I tried dying apples purple. When that failed, I used the apples as the white color and dyed the white fruit dip purple.

At the beginning of the year, we did the opening ceremonies, so these were the closing ceremonies. We had three categories of medalists - bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze medalists had at least worked on the Virtue value. Silver medalists had completed either the value project or all four value experiences. Gold medalists had accomplished everything.

Two girls had completed the entire Personal Progress program and their moms presented them with their necklaces.

The girls and leaders either displayed something they'd done related to this year's theme or performed a talent.

After it was done, Nathan and I went to our friend's house for his birthday and he lit the candles with a blowtorch, like he always does.

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Amy said...

The food looks so fabulous - beautiful, tasty and healthy. The girls look gorgeous and happy. Looks like a great evening. So glad you had pictures to post. Congratulations!

A blow torch - really? Such a little boy at heart :)