Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Contentment - link

I've been struggling over the last few weeks. I thought I finally had found some spiritual insights and peace and then I ended up in a funk again this morning. I was able to get to the point where I could survive work, after scripture reading, basking in the sun, soaking in the autumn breeze, and doing tasks that kept me moving. I'm still not very "up" today but at least I'm not at home curled up in a ball, hoping desperately to sleep it off. It's hard to get over the blues when you aren't eating sugar! Yogurt and pear butter weren't enough of a treat.

I found this article just now and it helped.

Contentment in All Circumstances

I'm afraid the next few months will continue to be hard. I'm coming up on two depressing milestones at once. We're almost at 3 years trying to conceive and I'm about to turn 30 without having babies. I know I will have babies. Heavenly Father has made that clear. It's hard to wait though.

Please bear with me if I get even more down, and know that if you tell me I just need to relax, I'll probably slap you. ;)


Amy Snell said...

Sorry your struggling...I would never tell anyone to just relax, because it bugs me when I hear it :) When your time comes to be a mommy I know your going to be an amazing one...and man what lucky little spirits that get to have you :) Sending thoughts and prayers your direction :) xoxo

Danna said...

As you know things ahve been rocky for me for a while now, and I can tell you there are ups and downs even when you find that good spiritual "center"! One book I enjoyed that also helped me find a little perspective was Orson Scott Card's Sarah. If Sarah could endure all she did and have to wait for babies, well then I can probably endure loosing our home,being homeless, and having to wait for the promiced blessings of a job and "better" things. :) You are always in my prayers!

Amelia said...

I think if anyone told you you just need to relax, I would help you slap them. :) I'm sorry things have been so hard lately, but if you ever need anything, I'm just a short hop over your back fence. Maybe now is just one of those times that you need to stop doing so much for OTHER people and let other people do things for you. I hope you know how amazing I think you are and I'm so glad I get to work with you in YW...and I know our girls need you and all you have to offer them!