Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Post-YW-Camp BBQ

The Young Women from church just got home from girls' camp and we had a post-camp BBQ and awards ceremony. Since I didn't go to camp, I was in charge of putting together the awards. Someone else dreamed up the awards. I just had to put together the certificates and find gifts.

Here are a couple of my cute certificates.

These are some of the gifts. "Sunshine spreader" got the cranky socks, "fearless" got the gummi sharks, and "hiker" got the chocolate rocks.
We had yummy food, but Nathan forgot to get a picture of the cupcakes, which were decorated beautifully. I would never put that much effort into cupcakes.

So much fun, but I'm glad it's over. These last few days have been swamped, between shopping for food and gifts, working, and all the canning and cooking mentioned previously. (And the fact that I'm trying to blog every day.)


Jaime said...

So much fun! You really did a great job figuring out all the awards. Now take a break!!!

Amy said...

Chocolate rocks? Never heard of them, but they sound awesome. I'll have to find out where you got them. Way to go on the awards, that was always a highlight of girls camp for me and it sounds like you made it extra special.