Friday, August 13, 2010

Date night

A new indoor family fun center with buffet just opened near us, and we purchased gift certificates at 50% off through our usual source. We went last night to try it out. For some reason we ran into problems at the cash register with our certificates. They called over one manager, then another, and finally got it worked out. Except that they weren't charging us enough once it was done, and they insisted it was correct. I felt bad but we tried to pay the right amount. We ended up spending $15.50 ($12.50 for a gift certificate plus just under $3 cash for tax, which wasn't included) and obtained two dinners and $50 loaded on arcade cards. What a steal!

It had a 50s theme, so it was almost appropriate that I was wearing a skirt and nylons, since I came straight from work. They had several dining areas. We ate in "The Family Room" and watched I Love Lucy. Isn't this cute?

We tried out lots of games together and had fun, even on the ones I failed miserably at, because I have no aim. There was an indoor miniature golf course that was lit with black lights. So fun! It was decorated like route 66, with each hole being a state along the way.

Even the score card glowed!

We redeemed some of our tickets for a prize that would be fun for the cats, like usual, and saved the rest for our next visit.


The Miller Family said...

This is so cute! I LOVE that dining room with the I Love Lucy playing!!!!

I'm so jealous - I wish there was a fun place like that in Tallahassee!

Jaime said...

Wow!! You look perfect in that lady's body!! HAHA

Amy said...

What a steal! Nathan was telling me about it when we went for the honey bottling. Glad you had fun. And we love I Love Lucy too - even all my boys!

The McNeil Family said...

Wow.. What a steal. It has been so long since I have seen or heard from you. How are you? Crazy how you found my blog. My email is email so we can catch up. Looks like a fun date night!!