Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chocolate-Orange Rolls

I haven't been super pleased with any of the sweet roll recipes in this book. I think I've finally found the best method though. Add more topping than it says, cut them bigger, and let them rise longer. It gets them closer to how I think they should be.

Chocolate-Orange Rolls

Take all these yummy things...
...and put them on this (I added orange peel to the dough too).
Aren't they cute rising, with chocolate chips peeking out?
Hmm, how to make them even better...
...add chocolate-almond frosting!
Love the fact that chocolate is generously applied on top AND there are chocolate chips hiding in every roll (circled in blue).

Oh yeah...I really should do an inventory of my food. Turns out I had another bag of powdered sugar stashed on a shelf. Anyway, I threw these rolls in the freezer. OOPS! Forgot to leave two out for Nathan. Better go grab those now. ;)

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Jaime said...

Oh, the chocolate chips do look cute!