Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fruits and vege-ma-tables

This month, we're mostly spending our grocery $$ on produce and trying to eat healthier. I'm drinking a mango-cherry smoothie right now, mmm. A few thoughts about the diet changes.

- My current favorite oatmeal concoction consists of oats, dried orange peel, wheat germ, and prunes. Sweet, tangy, fiber-filled, and healthy.

- I've fallen in love with squeezing lime juice over any mexican-related dish. Nachos, layered dip, beans/rice/veggies. So good!

- Once again, I'm puzzled at how I'm supposed to eat 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies daily PLUS other food! If I follow the standard serving size, I only have room for the fruits/veggies. No room in my tummy for grain/protein/anything else. I think maybe I should do smaller servings? Does anyone else have this problem? HELP!


Jaime said...

It is puzzling. So I gave up! Good luck with that! HAHAHA

Ryan and Tammy said...

I wish that was my problem. Eating all my fruits and veggies almost makes me feel hungrier! I could eat twenty carb servings a day!