Saturday, June 20, 2009

6 years of marriage (almost)

We decided to celebrate our anniversary this weekend, since Nathan will be elsewhere on the actual date. First we went out to dinner. I wanted yummy refried beans, so we had sampled refried beans from several restaurants over the last few weeks.

After dinner, we checked in to a fabulous bed and breakfast...sorta. I put brand new sheets on the bed and tried to make a romantic atmosphere. I changed all the phone messages to say "leave us alone" and turned off the ringers. Oops, just realized I failed to turn some of the ringers on again. (No one even called us though!)

The best part was in the morning, when we had breakfast catered! Check out this amazing spread. My friend Lisa does catering and she agreed to do it. I can't even believe how much luscious food she brought. You'll have to click on the pictures to really see them.

There were even oranges in the OJ.

Mmmm are you jealous?

We had lots more fun today. I put on romantic music while we ate breakfast. Nathan slow-danced with Echo, and then with me. We went to the thrift store, because Nathan has outgrown his bookshelf and needs another one. Alas, no luck, but we always have fun at thrift stores. The weather was kind enough to rain on us! It's actually pouring as I write this, so loudly that the cats are scared.


Amy said...

Wow - I am incredibly jealous. Thank goodness I just ate dinner or it would be that much worse;) That breakfast looks incredible. What a good idea! We often send the kids out and celebrate at home for our anniversary, but I've never thought about catering breakfast. That looks even better than the breakfasts we have had when we have stayed at a bed and breakfast.

So - where did you find the best refried beans? And congrats on six years.

Cherish said...

The winner was Gual Bertos. It's in Draper/Riverton.

Tennille said...

Congratulations! I remember your reception! It was so fun!

Evie said...

I swear, you guys know how to do it! You are always coming up with creative, fun things to do!

Karen Hansen Goodwin said...

you guys crack me up happy anniversary