Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day + California = Fun

Every Memorial Day, I go with my grandma to put flowers on family graves. This year my sister Jaime came with us, and we had loads of fun! I didn't tell anyone that Jaime was coming, and we had a great time surprising Grandma and then my parents.

On Tuesday, I went to Disneyland for free (woo-hoo!). Jaime and her kidlets were with me the whole time, and at varying times during the day, Janice, her hubby, her youngest child, and Jaime's hubby all came. We even got to attend a Ghirardelli chocolate tasting and learned how chocolate is made. The sample bags came tied with fancy ribbons and Jaime put them in my hair.

By the time we left, I ached all over and was slightly sunburned. After about 6 hours of sleep, I hopped in the rental car and drove home. Thank goodness for A/C, cruise control, and CD players! They make the long drive so much nicer.

And now the credits:
Photos - Jaime
Luscious food - Jaime and my MIL
Places to sleep - Jaime and Rebekah (thanks for giving up your bed!)
Cute babies to hold - Jaime and Julie
Amazingly clean gas station bathroom - St. George, UT
Disneyland admittance - Jim
The knowledge that 86% dark chocolate is gross - Ghirardelli


Amy said...

Sounds like a great weekend - especially the free Disneyland and chocolate tasting. I could go for that! Cute picture of you and the baby. You both look so happy.

Danna said...

What fun!! I wish we were close enough to drive home for the weekend!! :)

Karen Hansen Goodwin said...

It was great to see you. Looks like you had a great time.