Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

The Easter bunny brought Nathan goodies this morning! Apple beer, cream soda, graham crackers, and "nests."

My "new" Easter outfit - I love hand-me-downs!

We had a yummy Easter dinner. Ham, baked potatoes, corn, carrots w/nutmeg, black cherry jello with pears, cheddar-garlic biscuits, and Knott's berry punch.

After dinner, Nathan read to me while I washed dishes. He read the story of the Savior appearing to Mary at the tomb.

Truly, this is the reason for the season...the Easter season. He is risen.


Michelle said...

Ok, dare I ask what Apple Beer is??? Is it a non-alcholic Beer that tastes like Apple? I love the pic of Jesus and Mary. I would love hand me downs too if I could fit into them. LOL!

Evie said...

HAPPY LATE EASTER! You and Nate are such a cute couple, I love reading about your life!:)

Cherish said...

Oh, Michelle, apple beer is a local thing apparently. It's very similar to sparkling apple cider.