Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring! (and other fun)

The weather has been so gorgeous! I've been heading off to work in a light sweater or even short sleeves. I just love the feel of the breeze. It lifts my spirits. Yesterday I had several windows open. Of course now the wind is strong enough to rattle the windows and we're expecting rain/snow.

Here's what we've been doing!

Our order of Girl Scout cookies finally came!

Nathan and I made breakfast hot pockets for the freezer. The filling's super yummy. It's sausage, sauteed onions, cheddar cheese, and eggs scrambled with milk, mustard, and pepper.

I made pizza crust and rolled out circles, and Nathan filled and sealed them. Here they are baked and ready to freeze.

I woke up Wednesday morning and the fridge was running constantly and going every few minutes. After consulting with and my favorite jack-of-all-trades, I unplugged it, pulled it away from the wall, and vacuumed like crazy. Oh, and prayed that this would fix it, since it was likely the compressor or relay switch was dying. I got my fridge used seven years ago, so it's probably on borrowed time anyway.

Behold the scandalously dusty innards of our fridge!

I'm grateful to report that it's working great now!

We also went to a wedding reception where I ate too many pillow mints, and tried the new Arby's Roastburger. That's our week!


Danna said...

Have you had any of your frozen pockets yet? Did they freeze and un-freeze well? I wonder if that would work with a tofu scramble? Might be handy here in just a little bit! :)

Cherish said...

I haven't yet. I'll reheat one in the oven and let you know how it turns out.

Michelle said...

That is so cool, your own hot pockets. The pics of the weather still look way too cold for my liking. I absolutely love girlscout cookies. I remember when I used to sell them as a child.
My Mom actually bought some but didn't get the thin mints. I was disappointed but I ate the sugar free chocolate chip cookies.

Amy said...

Those hot pockets look delicious. I also want to know how they turn out - and can you reheat in the microwave?

Cherish said...

They turned out really well. I tried reheating in the oven first, b/c Danna doesn't use the microwave. That one was perfectly browned and the crust was crispy.

Today I microwaved one and while it was still good, the crust texture was more like bread. Probably next time I'll bake them longer before freezing.