Friday, December 5, 2008

Let the baking begin!

I had the afternoon off so I started my holiday baking!

Gotta put on the apron for a serious baking session!

As a side note, here's how I set up the nativity. I'll probably rearrange it a few times.

No-bake cookies. Peanut butter/oat.

Ginger/molasses cookies and oatmeal cookies w/cinnamon chips.

Dad, these molasses cookies taste like the ones you used to buy, I might freeze a few and bring them down to you.

Jaime, sorry I take such horrible food pictures. The cookies all taste good though!

As I was finishing my baking, it was a beautiful winter evening and I couldn't resist a couple pictures. Nippy outside, but toasty warm inside thanks to the oven.

The pink in the sky was so gorgeous, the picture doesn't do it justice.


mom of 2 wonderful brats said...

I knew I went to the right person to learn how to make sugar cookies...they were awesome...THANK YOU!!! and the pictures out side your houes look so beautiful... like a real winter...

Amy said...

I spent the afternoon baking too - sugar cookies for our cousin Christmas party tomorrow. I should have pulled out my festive apron, but I didn't even think of it. Oh well, there's still plenty of December baking left to do.

Cherish said...

Tammy - I'm glad the cookies were yummy! Sugar cookies are probably my least favorite taste-wise, but they are fun to decorate.

Adventure Mommy Susan said...

Those pictures of the winter night are beautiful!