Friday, August 29, 2008

Today's pet peeve

I often eat lunch in my cubicle, reading or surfing the internet. Since it's a cubicle and therefore I have no door, people often stop by with a work-related issue. Generally if I mention I'm at lunch, they go elsewhere for their answer, no big deal.

Here's what bugs me (and happened yet again today).

A coworker who KNOWS I am on lunch asks me for help on a regular basis. She starts with, "I know you're on lunch, but..." and her questions are not generally short ones. It's especially aggravating because she normally takes longer than allowed for her lunch break.

Some day I hope I have the guts to just tell her, no, I am on lunch. Please go ask someone else. This is my personal time, even if I happen to be at my desk.


Anonymous said...

My recommendation: "The Power of a Positive No...How to say NO and still get to YES" by William Ury. I just checked out the audiobook. When I finish listening to it, I'll know everything there is to say and do....ha ha ha.

The Greathouse Family said...

I have 2 suggestions: You can leave and eat outside or somewhere else, or, you could tell her nicely to write down any questions she has and you will be happy to answer them after your lunch break. She'll get the hint soon enough! That's so annoying to have people not respect your time!

Evie said...

You are too nice Cherish! You should be able to eat in peace!

Michelle said...

Cherish, you are my girl. But, seriously you need to be more stern with people like that. They do it because we as individuals let them walk all over our personal time. I am one of these individuals that had to find my backbone too.

It will make for a better lunch. BON APETITE!


Meier Fam said...

You go girl. Just say it, I believe in you!!!!

Meier Fam said...

Oh! I had another thing to add. I love when I can say what you wrote, but say it with a smile and then keep smiling. It makes people wonder. They certainly can't be mad at you when your smiling so sweetly! Smiling is POWERFUL!

Ryan and Tammy said...

Do it, you know you want to and who cares if she thinks your mean then she won't bug you anymore. I'll teach ya to be mean!