Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rolls, rolls, and more rolls

We are going to a friend's house for Easter dinner and we are bringing rolls. Nathan made the arrangements and just kept telling me, "There will be LOTS of people." Knowing it's a big family, but with no approximate number, I just started baking like crazy yesterday!

I made 3 dozen white rolls, 2 dozen rye rolls (yum!), and 4 dozen whole-wheat rolls. I tragically ran out of yeast after the first two recipes and had no car, as Nathan was at work. We went to a coworker's house last night to try out the Wii, so I didn't manage to buy yeast and get home until sometime after 10:30.

(Forgot to take a picture before I covered the wheat rolls)

Yay! I finished cleaning up before Sunday! My MOM would be proud of me.

I also baked brownies to share last night and cookies for Nathan's Easter basket. (Shh, he isn't even awake to see his basket yet!) Sorry it's so fuzzy. I was taking the picture in the dark so couldn't even tell if the basket would be in the picture. It's peanut-butter cookies and Dilbert pens that I found in my happy little dollar aisle in Target.

This is from earlier in the day. I normally spread out Nathan's jeans on the bed to finish drying because they have these obnoxious pockets that take forever to dry. Yesterday I thought I would take advantage of the sun and spread them on the dining room floor (I had just swept it, give me some credit here), but a few moments later, Picasso crawled under the jeans. The lighting was wrong, but if you click it larger you can see him hiding.

I really wanted to take my camera last night so I could have pictures of us trying out the Wii, but I thought it would be a little weird to show up at someone's house and just start clicking away. "But it's for my blog!" On that same note, I'm not going to take any pictures of our Easter dinner this afternoon.

I hope you have/had a fabulous Easter! The Primary children are singing an Easter song at church today and thankfully it's a low-responsibility day for me at church, so maybe I can actually focus on the meaning of Easter.


Danna said...

Rolls were the one thing I did not get to for our Easter dinner, want to come over with some of those pretty rolls?? :) Happy Easter!

~Michelle~ said...

Happy Easter! You are so awesome with your baking skills. Now, that is one thing I need to work on. I know how to generally cook. But, I really don't like to cook. I think it is mostly because I am on the go so much. I love the pics of the jeans and Picasso hiding under them, PRICELESS!

I love how you made homemade stuff for your hubby's easter basket. Very unique and original!

Love ya girl,

Anonymous said...

How about posting the recipe for your rye rolls?
How about making some for your Mom and Pop? (Hint, hint, hint)
Hope Picasso didn't eat hubby's Easter goodies.
I love you, Cher.

Anonymous said...

What is a wii?

~Michelle~ said...

Sister D. a Wii is a new game that came out a while ago. I think it came out by sony or something. I can't remember. But, you play with it in your hand and use it with the t.v. and it is supposed to be highly virtual. Kind of like being in the t.v. or something. But, I haven't played yet. I have just been told. I am not really into video games, even if this one is high tech.. LOL!


diepinkespinne said...

You went to Marc's house to play WII? That was my dream date.

Good job on the rolls.