Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Buzz

For some reason that I have yet to understand, there is now a free daily afternoon newspaper. I assume it's a way to get more advertising out there. There are individuals on every corner around Temple Square desperately trying to get you to take a newspaper. I would assume their job security relies on them disposing of all their papers, because they are almost annoying in their efforts.

I have no problem taking one - it's a fun read for a few minutes, but a lot of people don't want it. The lady by my bus stop is always so grateful when I reach for one rather than her shoving it in my face. She is so aggressive in her efforts that she literally runs back and forth trying to catch people as they walk near the bus stop. When a bus pulls up, she jumps onto the bus and asks if she can leave a stack of papers. Certain bus drivers now refuse to pull up to the bus stop sign, but instead drop off their passengers a bus length back, then quickly leave as she tries to approach their bus.

So, if you're in downtown SLC at afternoon rush hour, be kind and take a paper. ;)

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