Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yep, it's still winter

We had a decent storm this past week - one of the biggest I've seen since I moved here. Roads were closed, kids had to spend the night at a few schools, etc. Fortunately Nathan was at home and my commute home only took about 50% longer than usual (it was my late night and we weren't in the badly hit area). Now... my trip to work the next day was another story, because my train broke down, partially due to the weather.

A few pictures - sorry the quality is bad, they are all taken through windows.

The snow accumulated on our birdbath.

The snow hanging off the edge of our roof on Thursday morning.

The snow was blown against all the doors and windows.

The tree blocked the snow from blowing in a cute little circle. Lest you think it was the warmth of the stump, the trashcan also had a circle around it and obviously that isn't alive.

I glanced out my kitchen window this morning and did a double-take at the icicle that wasn't there the day before. It's easier to see if you click it bigger.

I still haven't finished shoveling. There is about a foot of snow on a section of the front sidewalk. I've done a lot of shoveling over the last couple days and just needed a break.

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Danna said...

Now that is the kind of weather I expected when I moved to New England. We had one good storm that gave us 5 inches in one night but other than that we have not had snow that stuck around. Crazy!!