Monday, January 21, 2008

Grown-up table

Nathan's parents were generous enough to buy us a nice dining set about a year ago... but then they had to find a way to get it to Utah! Once it arrived, it sat for several weeks because we were busy, and also because I liked my small natural wood / white table and didn't want to grow up. :( Anyway I finally decided it was time to put up my "adult" table, since Nathan and I both had today off work. It's huge and solid and will last for a very long time. I'm excited because now we can have more than a couple people over to dinner. It also has two leaves, so it can get much bigger!

The dining room before we set up the new table.
It was missing little pads on the bottom to cover the nails, so I improvised with foam stickers.
A close-up of one leg.

P.S. Y'all are invited for dinner! ;)


Anonymous said...

what's for dinner???
hope it's not liver 'n onions with rhubarb pie for dessert. :(

Cherish said...

Well, we christened it with boneless pork roast rubbed with olive oil and a citrus/basil seasoning, diced garlic potatoes, and butternut squash with honey. How does that sound? :D