Monday, December 17, 2007

Can't we go back to horse and buggy days?

Car updates:

Nathan's car - dead. It was finally diagnosed with a blown head gasket and it has too many miles to make it worth repairing. Some charity is towing it away today or tomorrow.

Saturday evening I went to run errands in my car and managed to pick up a shard of metal or something on my own street. The tire has free road hazard repair, so I asked Nathan to look up locations. The first location, even though the website said they closed at 7 on Saturdays, was closed by the time I got there. The second location said they only *sold* that brand of tires and did not honor the warranty in any way. So after skipping part of my errands and driving all over town on a tire that went "klunk klunk klunk klunk" as I drove, I was pretty cranky.

Anyway, we walked to church and I got a ride to the Messiah sing-along, which BTW was amazing as always! I even got one of our Primary children to come. The tire will be fixed today and life will go on. Somehow it always does. I'm just grateful we are flying to SoCal and not driving. :-)

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Danna said...

I often have the same thought and desire! And I am jelous that you are going to CA, and that is only a couple hour flight!!! :)